Why taking notes leads to

My mentor always said to me whenever I would set myself some goals to write them down and make them as specific as possible. He said by writing things down in as much detail as possible, I would get a better idea of how much planning would be involved and how I will fit it into my life to achieve my goals. Note-taking has many incredible benefits for us, here are four below:

  1. It free’s up your thoughts.

According to the Huffington Post, we have between 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts a day. Thats 35-48 thoughts a minute! Not all of them are necessarily important, but the important ones can get lost. But, if you note down your ideas, reflections, goals or to-do lists, they aren’t just a thought in your mind anymore and become something physical.

  1. It can help you get organised

Notes on their own can’t help you with what you want to achieve if they aren’t in a format that allows you to. Why does the format matter? Because you need to revisit your notes for them to be of any use! When you return back to them, you’re reminded of what you noted down, and can then decide what needs attention first.

Keep your notes organised and in one place, and try to use the same format throughout. This will make it a lot easier to come back to (Try visiting your notes on a weekly basis).

  1. It helps you record only the important stuff.

Effective note-taking means that you only make note of what is actually important rather than retelling an entire scenario. Whether it’s a meeting at work, reviewing a book you’re reading or a lecture in a classroom, it’s important to only record what’s relevant to you. When you begin note-taking you naturally start to listen to these things and make note of what matters and filter out the noise that serves no purpose.

  1. It helps you achieve your goals

I already mentioned this but it’s so important. Writing things down materialises a thought. This is incredibly powerful when it comes to setting your goals because now you have something to refer back to. If you regularly write out your goals, you not only display them in a clearer way but you also keep reaffirming them to yourself. Write them down, make them specific, write it regularly and begin executing them.

To End…

If you make it a habit, note-taking can really have a massive impact on your life. It allows you to be more focused, be focused on what really matters, and action on those aspirations. So go and buy a notebook today, get writing (with the same format), keep your notes organised and regularly review them, and you’ll slowly begin to see changes in your day to day.


source: www.evolveblog.org

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